About W.A.R.

Winona Adventure Race 2012 (Formally Know as the Winona Eco Challenge) Saturday, October 13, 2012

The goal of the Winona Adventure Race is to provide the community a healthy and fun experience while challenging mental and physical abilities in a variety of outdoor recreational activities.

This challenging course consists of canoeing/kayaking, running, road biking, navigating, and rappelling.  It takes approximately  1.5 to 3 hours to complete the course

Participants should bring their own bike and helmet and have it at the Pavilion a half hour prior to their races start time. All other equipment will be included (canoes/kayaks, rappelling equipment, compasses, etc). Stations will be provided throughout the course, which will provide bananas, water, and first aid. Pizza and refreshments will follow.

**Limited canoes and kayaks available:  If you have your own canoe (for mixed pairs) or kayak (for championship), please bring it to the race.

Categories & Start Times

Mixed Pairs: 2:00 pm-

The Mixed Pairs Event is a shorter course of approximately 7 miles. This is a mixed pairs event of two people- male/female, male/male, or female/female.

Championship [Elite] Event: 1:00 pm

The Championship Event is the same race as last year (Eco Challenge). This is a more challenging and competitive course of approximately 12 miles.

Participation prices:

$25 per Elite participate

$15 per  Social participate (for each pair, both partners pay $15)

*This will include t-shirt, food, and drink.

Things to bring:

You will need to provide your own bicycle and helmet (please bring these to the Pavilion a half an hour prior to start time).

**All participates must show up at the registrations table 1 hour before start time. Registration will be located at the Winona Park Lake Lodge.

Thank you,

Winona State Recreational Programming


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